Monday, February 13, 2012

Why I love NGCSU

NGCSU is a one-of-a-kind school! College Life in Dahlonega is so much different than that of one in Athens or Atlanta. It's different.
1) I can't walk to class without seeing someone I know(I love that!)
2) It's a dry county! Nearest liqueur store is 25 minutes away!
3) We have 2 "bars" (Restaurants that cater to us college students that love a good time every once in awhile!)
4) It's absolutely FREEZING one day and the next is HOT!
5) Greek life is simple here!
6) There's no where like it!

An NGCSU student made a NGCSU Meme Facebook page and it's hilarious! It highlights life in Dahlonega that only NGCSU students would understand! Here is one image from it that just cracks me up! Today's weather was 23 in the morning and is going to be in 60s on Wednesday/Thursday!
DRASTIC change!

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